blender movie

I have worked some, well many hours on a movie and i would
like some crits on it. Title animation will be redone and all the scenes/
shots which will be new will be edited to be just before the current last shot. Lenght of the movie is now 1minutes 40 seconds and I think the
final movie will be minimum 4minutes and maximum 8minutes.
I would like to get some crits which i will take in the consideration in
“new” scenes not on the old ones, because you know the render time,
1 shot takes half of the night to render.
Script is in progress and i am not writing it.
rendering has been done so that video can be outputted to VHS or DVD.

I am welcoming you to join the project or toast me.
Here is a address to a site where the current state of the movie can be

I did not get that zippyvideos to work but file is there.
But well if it works for others then its ok.
z-axis I will try google if this zippyvideoswebservice does not work

You really should host it somewhere else. The Geocities link is down for about an hour.

DanBoghean. Thanks for letting me know that it does not work to
post it in geocities. I will try to figure out some other place to host the

EDIT: The movie now working, it’s critique time!
Firstly, the animation of the hand is good, but apart from the two fingers, the hand is staying very stiff, rather unnatural (not considering the fact that it is a walking hand). Try giving the hand a bit of motion with the steps.
Also, it looks rather low-res, lower the compression a little?
Apart from that, it’s a good movie, very unusual!
Previously: Google Video - is apparently a good video hosting site.

Thanks Z-axis. I will put some more motion into “characters” which
are in the movie in the future. And I will minimize the compression.
On my computer the video is very close to broadcast quality when it comes to rendersize and compression. will be back the day after Thanksgiving we will be happy to host your movie ideas.

Pm if you are intrested.

Can’t view it at Zippy, any other way to get a look?