Blender Moviekit

I’ve been doing the first programming these last few weeks on a tool to help me do the Convergence movie faster (see sig). I thought I should let people in here know about it, in case there are others working on projects longer than a few seconds who might find use for it. I described it in more detail here. I am currently doing a minor revamp, though, to get some scrolling functions working right.

Let me know if people are interested in using/discussing this kind of tools!

this looks really interesting. may I see the scripts?

I am getting some things fixed in them right now, I’ll upload in a day or two, if that’s okay?

okay. I look forward to seeing them.

Ha, actually seems I got around the curbs faster than expected! The content importer in the individual scenes is still being upgraded, but you can get an early test of the new and improved main element. Just download this and unpack it into any folder. Then run “Main.blend”, and exchange the “workpath” entry with whatever folder you put yours in on your computer. Run the script and you should be able to create movie files, complete with scenes (which you can then load, modify, save and load again later through the scene list) and contents (which are a bit of a rip-off until I get the scene-side script working).

It’s still in test, but it seems 80-90% stable :slight_smile:

soooo, this is really just a very very very efficient and well organized, simplistic, quick way to set up the scenes and stuff for a movie? not really any modifying tools?

o well, very cool and well down (haven’t downloaded, but… :D)

I hope the movie script is just as good as this script. I’m too funny :smiley:

Correct. That, in turn, allows more time spent on other things. Though the “very very very” is an exaggeration, it just provides some initial organizing help. That’s why I asked if there was interest. People in here seem more into the art-aspects than the production-aspects of 3D. I’m still checking if I’m completely the odd one out.

This actually is a very good idea, in my opinion at least,
I can definitely see how something like this can make ones life easier.

Okay, got the content importer working right, and loaded scenes go in the actual work window now, not a pop-up (no way from loaded scene back to Main, though). Still the same download, just upgraded. See instructions above.

EDIT: You have to name armatures in the content files the same in both armature and object name, and you can only have one armature per content file (or none at all).

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope to get some attention so that I can ask for ideas for improvement later on. I still have one step left of my own: Making easy-click actionstrips for characters!

I use Celtx to organize my movie making. It would be cool if you could somehow call up a specific Blender scene from within Celtx.

I am not a CeltX man myself (I still like the feel of real paper for that), but yes, that would be neat. I hope I will be able to inspire others to pursue this path, maybe even with some code from my scripts :slight_smile:

yay! go pipeline!! i do make little movies, but most of em are one scene deals. however, i really like your script :smiley: i can never get organized. i have to drag myself to name materials :smiley:

Thanks! I would love to see if anyone here made something with it, but I guess the one-scene-deals are still the dominant form of animation in here :frowning: