Blender Movies & 3DTV?

What is the likelihood of someone re-rendering the Blender Movies in 3D? I think Big Buck Bunny in particular would make an excellent showcase for 3DTV (and Blender) in the same way it was for HDTV.

Ask Ton, he’ll know.

I suggested that on the Durian blog and Ton replied - simply needs the money. If I get off my lazy rearend, I’ll try writing some letters to big companies. Problem is, I’m a nobody and I have no idea of who to write to and how much to ask for. OTOH seems like sony and LG would love to have something to distribute with there $$$$$ 3DTV sets. hmm You know, maybe even Pixar would support this! No kidding, they see no threat from us and sometimes do support independent projects!

Any other suggestions before I randomly send out vague letters of request??

It took the Blender foundation 7 weeks to raise 100,000 EUR a while back didnt it? The community is much larger now and I know a lot of people would like to see a 3D version rendered.
Perhaps email Ton first and see what amount they would require, that would be a good starting point. It could be easy for the community to raise that amount if the person who organized it did it properly.

Just an idea. :wink:

I suspect that if you ask, Ton may let you be a “producer” for the Blender Institute with all the stationary that demands, and you can go and identify yourself as part of the Blender Institute and make the offer on behalf of all the Blender users.

As someone suggested, the Foundation did raise a good sum a while ago. Perhaps the blender community might be donors.

Did Ton say how much he anticipated it would cost to retrofit a second camera to all the scenes, and make a 3D version?

I would like to help.

What is the money needed for? Are there any render farms willing to do the rendering at low or no cost?
The only needed changes are to covert the camera to be two cameras, eye width apart.

perhaps they could make a distributed render farm network so that the entire comminity could download something like seti at home and render it quickly and for free. in the recession many people dont have enough money, but we all have a computer to get here.

I think 3D prodjecting is something to anticipate, though there are yet very few users. Some (most of) people won’t have any 3D viewer before ten years from now (if ever) and there are also health issues (for example epilepsy)…
But yes, 3D has to be taken in account.
One can allready start now to fix two cameras to an Empty for all current rendered prodjects…

well I just got a personal reply from Ton! He thanks us for our interest and offers to help and he is already working on sponsorship. However, he is going to wait on directly pursuing this until after the Sintel release and we have some positive buzz from the general public. He said that its not just re-rendering but also some setup and editing since the scenes aren’t really set up for 3D.

(btw from personal experience, lighting for stereo 3D rendering is often a real PITA since specularity and reflection can vary wayyyy to widely even over a few degrees of angle to make for a good looking fused image)

I am just going to leave this alone now since I don’t want to cause him any problems. Ton seems well aware of our enthusiasm!

*… So maybe a special “Node” to correct such problematic?

Well from my limited experimentation the main trick is that you set the hardness down significanty lower on most materials - the biggest thing is to avoid shots where one eye sees spec (or NOR) and the other one doesn’t have any.

If somebody interesting in re-rendering my short film “A very little warrior” in 3d I can give SVN acces to the materials.
Speciality of this film is the very short rendert times.

Edit: maybe it is possible to make money with this.

Easy to say, but someone still has to do it.
At the moment the Durian scenes are quite a heavy render.

Having said that, Ton has been keeping options open by making sure the the compositing team keeps it all in 3d, with no 2d compositing tricks, just in case…

It’s something up in the air, waiting for someone to lead on. Although even youtube got into 3D, there’s still a real lack of content… 3D BBB would shine brightly.

recently I’ve converted an old scene to cross-eyes stereo presentation.

that’s the least of worries, although it’d be nice to have a 3D stereo option as a preset in the camera or render parameters. The main problem is combining the 2 renders. I’m not all that used to nodes to know if it can be done right now, but basically, I saved the two renders to different files and later joined them in a bitmap editor.

I don’t quite see the problem: specularity and reflection can vary wayyyy to widely to our own eyes as well… :confused:

It gets more complex than that. The cameras have to be animated as well so that they cross at the right distance and there are considerations of how far apart the cameras should be in each scene.

And there’s always the possibility that the second camera may see some details that weren’t meant to be seen, so they weren’t polished as much as they might be.

Not quite: ideally, they should be parallel to each other. Lookup “keystoning”, like in the last section of the link below:

It’s not merely adding a second camera to the side: it’s putting them side by side to an empty and put the empty in place of the original camera.


Good hints and nice try. Of course an integrated cross(double)camera would be nice… Yet, scenes will have to be all thought as 3D powered and thus will need quite good hardware to be calculated and rendered. Not to mention that this is only worth if you get all done in HD 1080p for the least…
So, by now, not very much easy to be catched by a large range of Blender users.

I don’t think scenes have to be “thought as 3D-powered”. They are already 3D, they have volume, they are not 2D drawings. Only their presentation has been that way so far. It’s a really easy setup (though troublesome) and render time is only gowing to grow 2x. But remember CPU powers almost doubles every 2 years or so. So, you are in much better shape to re-render your old scenes in today’s hardware. :wink:

Of course, I understand that by 3D-powered you probably meant something like “showing off 3D” by throwing things at the camera for no reason at all except to show off the novelty. Regular 3D scenes just look as boring as everyday reality, I guess. Yet, once we’re all used to stereo, it’ll be hard to go back and listen to music in B&W mono again…