Blender moving my keyframes when inserting or copying

Has anyone had the problem of blender changing their keyframes? I have an IK leg rig and I key the start pose at 0,0,0 locally. I move to any other keyframe and it moves this key a little bit in all directions. If I copy and paste the frame the new frame is also moved. This is getting really annoying as I cannot save my keys in the location I want. I can even clear out all of the rotation, scale, and tranform yet it still isn’t 0,0,0.

Only thing I can think of is that your key frame is off timing. Did you manually drag the key in the window while editing? In Dope sheet and Graph Editor there is an “Automatic Time Snapping” setting box in menu bar. Is it set to Nearest Frame?

It is. I think it’s some problem with rigging constraints. I had this problem even worse when I had a master bone. Once I removed the master bone all seemed well. Now I’m getting the floating problems again. Sometimes the leg ik bones start moving infinitely away from the mesh as I move the time slider. But not all the times…