Blender Multiplayer Game - SCHOOL OF BUTTHEADS - looking for teammates

Hello everyone!

We are looking for people who are interested in our project.

About us
We are a dedicated team called “Duo Dev”. We have years of experience and have come to the decision to start a project which we want to realize.


Heads of our team:
- Design: Leo (Fidy)
- Development: Daniel (Frostie)

  • Server Managment & Support: Max (Flocke)

About our game
Our game is Roleplay, PvP and Survival. There are two roles that you can fill: the teachers and the students.

Students make as much trouble as they can at school. They steal items from the teachers and build weapons from conventional school equipment to cut each other off. But you can also earn coins, for example by writing tests. They can then negotiate with each other, buy drinks, clothing and accessories or rent lockers.
The teachers are in charge and can punish students. You can also have tests written or tasks done.
To build items there are blueprints for a new item. These can be learned and passed on if necessary. If you have the necessary items available, you can craft the item.

The game lets you take your ass off and let you do everything that you would rather not do in reality :smiley:



We have been working on this project for two months and would like to go to Alpha at the end of March. We have set ourselves the goal of completing the project.

What do we already have?
We already have the map and a functional character. The online function is almost mature and works without problems. Players can fight against each other, hand over items, interact with objects, buy lockers and store items in them. The inventory system is ready and the crafting system works perfectly!

Who are we looking for?
We are mainly looking for designers and animators. We also need about 1-2 programmers in Python.
We don’t need professional asset modellers, because our models are quite easy. The textures are the more difficult part. For example we use a cube and map it with a cool texture, that it looks like a table e.g. (Like you can see in the pictures)

Currently we have to fill our map with life because it looks pretty empty right now. Everything is possible. In addition, the character needs more clothes, accessories and more.

For our player we need some realistic animations. These include fight animations and animations for interacting with objects.

The emphasis in programming lies in the multiplayer area. This includes programming the server.

What do you get? - Recognition - Profit Share - Credit in our project - Appreciation as a member of our team - Fun!

You are welcome with us!
If you have questions or interests, write us!

Your Duo Dev Team