Blender Museum

Hi, all. Hope this is the right foru to post in.

Some months ago I keep working on an architectural Project just to test and explore Blender possibilities. Then I like the model I made, and i decide it could became a Blender Museum
Usable as a test sarchitectural scene, and also to show Blender model, scripts, projects, or finished works. Now i’ve no more time to keep it on, but I prefer somone (or many) of the comunity use and develop it.
So i would be happy if someone is interested to help me to maintain and use the actual model.

HERE You can find some little images I made. There is no web page or other material yet.

Hope you could enjoy and like it.

It looks like you’ve done a good job on this structure, but it looks a bit shabby for an art museum and it’s very dark inside. Would the museum showcase actual models in 3D or pictures of models?

It could showcase either models and picture, any you want.
Else the structure and interiors particulars are not fixed. You can also add more rooms.
I would definitely appreciate if someone would like to work on the architectural structrure. :slight_smile: