Blender needs a camera sequencer badly

Like the title says.

I am one camera sequencer away from dropping Maya completely. I need this feature for previz/layout work. It is simply too important to not have.

What do you guys think?

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Do you need something different than binding cameras to the timeline? As that does allow you to “swtich shots” as it were. Setting up, or animating, multiple cameras, then binding them to the timeline to cut between them.

Having a NLE cam sequencer timeline is what I need for the bare minimum. It really is pretty much industry standard and keyframing cameras on the timeline is not a substitute when dealing with complex sequences.

Blender can really eat Maya’s lunch here if they added it. Eevee is lightyears ahead of maya viewport already.

I think you can already create this using VSE Scenes.

But please @keyframe_L explain it better for us non-maya users

Half way there is the NLA editor for actions. Camera switching in the VSE might work. I have never used it. So I am not sure if it can also move the action with it. if so that would do it.

To those wondering, what the OP is asking for is not just camera switching but to also slide the actions with the strip as well.

So you can place the camera anywhere in time and bring the animation with it in a non linear way. The key frames need to slide along with the camera position in time as well as switch between cameras in a NL way.

Here is some information.


I will go take a look at VSE right now.

I managed to talk one of our devs in the studio to try and write a cam sequencer for blender too. I will keep you guys updated on what comes out of that.


On thinking about it and working with it, I am more in favor of the NLA as a workflow.

The reason is this keeps it within the normal animation workflow. Nothing wrong with exploring VSE. But this would be my choice.

The way I understand it is that he wants to render several camera angles at the same time.
Lets say the monky was moving upward and you have 4 cameras from different angles. You now want to capture the entire movement of the monkey from all 4 angles and render it all in one go.

That is something you can not do with binding cameras.

You can do it easily with VSE, though.

Sure, I guess the OP could answer that. But when he/she said sequence, I took it literally. One after the other. And previs work is usually about timing out a sequence of shots not rendering multiple shots. And that is consistent with Maya camera sequencer which I think was the request.

I see. I guess you are right and I misunderstood.

Anyway, with VSE in Blender you can do both, a linear sequence or a non linear sequence.

I am not familiar with the Maya sequencer but I have not seen anything you can do with it that can not be done with Blenders.

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Yeah. I have not played with the VSE for this yet. Probably will look into that as well. I am curious about the trade-offs between the NLA for this or the VSE.

Yes, it can be very useful. The setup is pretty straight forward.

  • Make a scene for your VSE stuff
  • Make one or multiple other scenes for you 3D stuff
  • In VSE go to "add -> scene -> your3Dscene
  • select the strip and chose your camera and set the time frame
  • do the same for your other cameras/shots

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BTW it is possible to preview in rendered or Material Preview or wire mode as well. One problem I have noticed is that it has problem previzing objects which use animated video clips as textures. They only update correctly on render but not on previzing them.

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Cool. Thanks for the info. I can see that this technique could have uses.

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Just one more thing, then I’ll shut up. But I’m excited because I just discovered this recently myself. :wink:

You can create another VSE scene and use the first VSE scene as a strip. Useful for making something like subcomps:

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Yeah, I was looking at that too. Very nice.

I am trying out the VSE but I think I am doing something wrong because nothing shows up for me in the VSE add > scene menu. Do I need to do something in the blender scene for it to show up there?

Yeah you have to add a scene in Blender. And this is the reason I prefer to use the NLA.

Managing scenes in Blender with the VSE is a bit more complex than managing clips, actions and camera markers in the NLA.

Yeah, for a lot of things camera markers and NLA are enough.

But the VSE brings a bunch of other things to the table for more complex things.

One thing that I find hugely annyoing is that when switching scenes the workspace does not switch. So when I switch from my 3D scene to the VSE scene the workspace remains in the 3D workspace and when I switch from VSE scene to 3D scene the workspace remains in the VSE workspace and I have to switch that as well.
But that is more a general Blender problem that you can not have different workspaces for different scenes.