Blender needs a way to keyframe particles turning on and off and on again

Currently using Blender 2.91… One feature I wish would be the ability to keyframe particles. Right now there is a way to add a start and end… You can only do this once. You can’t have it start up again after you end. If you want it to end at frame 50, you can’t have it start back up at frame 60 and so on. I would really love for blender to make particles turning on and off keyframe-able. This would help a lot, especially with effects, like lasers shooting out of a space ship. Or simulated tracer fire.

Yeah that’s the biggest limitation of the old particle system. A new one was in development but was halted to make way for geometry nodes ( Hopefully development will resume in a few months. It was already quite advanced. Search for particle nodes on youtube.

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Thanks for the heads up. I came from using Lightwave. That was one of my favorite features of Lightwave. The particles and the ability to Keyframe them turning on and off. I hope Blender starts working on that soon. I’ll check out the particle nodes too.

At the moment you do that with a texture.
Which is silly. But possible. And I don’t really understand how to control it.

The new concept in Blender has always been that "anything can be animated."

I don’t understand it either.

Would it kill them to add a line of code to make the emission animatable. You can do this with smoke and liquid effects. Just need it for particles now.

You can duplicate the Particle System then make it a Single User, then change the Frame Start and End.

Thanks. I’ve done that. It just sucks because you have to re-input all your settings. There isn’t a copy and paste option for that. At least not that I’m aware of.