Blender needs additional renderer?

Since Blender got cycles renderer, many people says it needs no more additonal renderer. What you think? Blender still needs additional renderer software? If so , then which are bests ? (free, opensource products only)

Blender should always have the option for additional renderers… people have different needs, cycles doesnt cover all of them as it is specifically designed for animations…

there are others out there that have some intergration into blender, off the top of my head
-octane (paid)
-indigo (paid)
-thearender (paid)
-blender internal

there are probably loads more…

In my opinion one of the most interesting rendering projects for blender is micro render. Some kind of super version of the BI, but is still in early development.

Any way I think is good to have a choice, so the more the better.

There are also 3 Renderman compliant offerings as well.

We actually have so many choices that we spend more time talking about the choices than making art with Blender.

+1 to Micro Render(its NOT Opensource)
but its not that expensive either, and you can use it on as many machines as you own.

I don’t know if this would be possible but it wold be awesome if somehow
Blender Foundation made a deal with him to buy it or license it from him.
its so tightly integrated into blender it is like a 21st century, Blender Internal.
Blender Internal +

he hasn’t made any update for awhile, I wonder if he’s ok… ?

Since Blender got cycles renderer, many people says it needs no more additonal renderer.

This is false.

If you are doing internal archviz, then Yafaray should be your first pick - it’s easy to learn and fast (photon-mapping kernel). If you need the realism of a spectral renderer, then Lux. For everything else there is Cycles.

i have tried yafaray and Lux spent lots of time with them,
and unfortunately haven’t had very good results… (i have followed tuts and things)
still not good results, and seems pretty slow…
(i dont have a good OpenCL card to test GPU so…)

Mitsuba, seems pretty good however its exporter/interface is kind of weird…

out of these 3 i like Mitsuba the best. (just from my personal experience)
Yafaray coming in next place.


  1. Mitsuba
  2. Yafaray
  3. Lux

Cycles will knockout BI. It’s about time. Only SSS is truly missing.
Mitsuba, Yafa, Lux are your alternative best choices. Especially Lux.
I’m a cycles fan, though.

That’s sort of a stupid question - every 3D software suite has an option for both an internal and external renderer. One analogy would be that BI is like 3dsmax/Maya’s internal renderer and Cycles fills a position similar to that of MentalRay for those Autodesk products. I know plenty of 3dsmax users prefer Vray for archviz, or that some Maya users tend to use 3delight/Renderman for their animations.

Cycles can’t do everything, but i can see how it’s probably going to be the №1 choice for most Blender users since it comes pre-packaged. Just like MentalRay…

I love cycles but right now depending on the project is still not mature enough. I already used for some commercial project already with good results thou. Anyway is growing fast, I hope it will be mature soon.

Right now in my opinion the internal still offer more versatility on some sides, and gives more room for “faking” (which is important in cg).

I sent an email to the developer a couple of weeks ago and he told me that he is working on the project. He plan to release a new version in a couple of months with improved procedural textures, normals and material capability (he wrote with the possibility of using a written formula… some kind of osl??) and maybe even sss… cannot wait :smiley:

The good thing about Cycles compared to Mentalray is that it’s a more modern renderer, closer to Maxwell or even Arnold to a point, so We are very lucky to have it being developed for Blender!

As for the other renderers out there, they usually fill a special need, like archviz, so I think it’s a good thing to have other options like exporters for vray, which is geared toward archvid or even Maxwell, which is the best and most realistic renderer as far as I am concern, but takes way to much time for everyday or character animation work!

Blender should support ALL the renderers out there. Which is impossible, but that should be the aim.

I agree, improve Blender’s API and make the release schedule more comfortable for plugin developers to write exporters for Blender, then we should see all kinds of renderers suddenly becoming available for Blender.

Custom nodes will be a very big improvement. It will change the way external engines work on Blender.

BI is needed for amateurs like me

of course the giga professionals uses only cycles!

15th post? You’re getting slow.

BI is needed for amateurs like me
of course the giga professionals uses only cycles!

This came from you? Pity.

BI is a very good renderer if used correctly - especially for NPR effects and baking for texture painting. I would like to point out the nice images we saw with Big Buck Bunny that were all Blender Internal :wink:

I also would liek to see that Blender gets more access to other renderers, since we see more users are looking to fit Blender in their pipeline it might help if it were easier to get some art started showing this use case.

I am also a big fan of Cycles and love to see it develop - I miss SSS a bit, but more importantly I wish to see baking for saving these material shaders and lighting out to create better textures.

I agree that Cycles is superior for realistic rendering, but I hope BI doesn’t get knocked out altogether. It’s actually a decent “modest” renderer for cartoon animation.

Never thought I’d live to see the day when Endi finally changed up his joke (if only just slightly), it actually made it a bit funny in all seriousness.

But yeah, if BI ever get “knocked out” I think I’ll turn to Microrender for some projects rather than use Cycles.