blender needs hard drive space to run properly?

I have a question, does blender needs hard drive space to work? because it shuts down woth no obvious reason, and maybe its like the music program Nuendo, which doesn’t work with RAM, it uses the hard drive capacity for running.
could that be my problem?? thanx

Um, where do you have blender stored?

I have it in in my C://disc, but i’m running out of memory there, I have like 1.6GB free

Any program needs RAM to run. Your computer is basically a processor connected to RAM and some input/output, anything else is just extension to it. There is some reason when it shuts down, what is written the console window? You have enough space, maybe you lack some libraries. Maybe it’s this what you need to run it.

Windows needs harddisk space to run properly. Care for a lot of free space on c: (which is, I guess, where you have Windows installed).

I have had my HD down to 128 MB free and Blender still worked (though I had to delete some stuff form my drive later)

Hope this helps