Blender needs...

For level creation:

1)ability to select “to view facing faces” in uvface select mode, that way faces that face away from viewer aren’t selected as they are now

2)ability to select few faces, say a curved wall made up of mesh faces, and to assign one texture space coordinate system to the selection so that one texture is assigned to all the selected faces and also that the texture covers them all. Think of this as doom3 patches texturing system but without the bezier patches.

3)walkthru camera mode so that we don’t have to use engine cam to do it, check out jet3d cam which would be perfect for this

4)texture list view as in jet3d or unrealed or other editors

5)some way to provide access to all this relationship so it could be exported out into an engine or a level editor to put the pieces together

Basically, something that would allow us to make levels for games in blender not just models. The way I was thinking of making hallways and rooms is with using a cross section that is then lathed and extruded which is very fast way of making mesh level. You don’t have to mess with patches as in doom3 which are only there to reduce cuts and for texturing purposes as I’ve described.

To do a walkthrough cam press shift-f in camera viem with the camera selected. click to accelerate

No, that’s not what I had in mind. Check out jet3d editor to see what I meant.

blender need 3ds and .max importers and exporters that work…

It already has them.