Blender Nerd Breakfast Hall – Part 4 this tutorial series we’ll be creating this image from scratch

Welcome to the fourth part of the Breakfast Hall series!

When I first came up with the plan for this 7-part series, I guess I was a little too excited to realize that it would take a bit more than a single video to model both chandeliers and a medieval torch holster.

So I’ve decided to split this one part into three sections:

  • Modeling Chandelier #1 – Extensive text tutorial
  • Modeling Chandelier #2 – Time-lapse
  • Modeling Torch Holster – Video Tutorial
    So without further ado, here is the text tutorial:

Section 1 here for the huuuuuuuuge text tutorial
In this tutorial consisting of about 70 screenshots, you will learn how to make the above chandelier.

Section 2

This video is a time-lapse of the modeling of the second chandelier. I figured it would be pointless to create another tutorial that is effectively the same as the previous one – so this will serve better as a time-lapse.

Section 3

In this video tutorial, we go over the modeling of the torch holster as well putting the three models into the original Hall file.

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