Blender Nerd Double Sided Materials

Ever wanted to have a material or texture on both sides of a mesh? Don’t want to double the poly-count by duplicating the mesh and offsetting it slightly (aka solidifier modifier)?
Fear not!
There is a better way! A proper way! And our guest Olson (from #blender on IRC) is going to show us how!

What you will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to set up an object with two materials on both sides of a face

  • How to set up a material with textures on both sides of a face

  • How to use material nodes

  • How to use multiple UV layouts
    Things to Note:

  • The object does not have to be unwrapped

  • Similarly, you do not need 2 UV layouts – though you do if you want to flip the image on the back side.

  • You only need one Geometry node, but if you are using multiple UV layouts you have to have more.

  • The front texture/material plugs into the lower of the two Mix inputs

  • Materials using the node editor won’t display properly in the view port, so don’t expect to see any differences there. However they will show in a render.

  • Here are the essential node-setups:

  • for double sided materials

  • for double sided textures

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