Blender Nerd HDR/Environment Lighting in Cycles

Downloads:Blend file (incl HDR), HDR only, This Video – licenced as CC-BY-SA Learn how to use an HDR image to light your scene realistically with just a few clicks!
You’ll also learn what to do when your HDR (or LDR) isn’t giving you hard shadows automatically.
If you’re looking for more free HDRs, check out and
Don’t feel like watching the whole video? Just use these nodes:
Make sure you enable Multiple Importance Sampling in the world settings on the right, and set the resolution to something like 1024 or 2048 (or even higher if you have a very detailed HDR with many light sources). This will reduce a lot of noise by telling Cycles to emit more light from the brighter areas of your HDR

Go to this Blender Tutorial!

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