Blender Nerd Launch

Hello all :stuck_out_tongue:

You probably have not noticed the sudden bash of tutorials in the tutorials section (most likely because this forum insists on moderating each new thread and the last million of my tutorials have not show up)

Any way, Rex Harby,Tanner Casey and I recently set out to create a devoted tutorial site for blenderers such as your self. We have now launched the site nice and proper, so you can go visit it ( )

Currently we have a variety of tutorials, from explaining modifiers and techniques to advanced compositing and tricks.

We plan to continue bringing out frequent tutorials to help our beloved community improve themselves.

Here is a list of the current tutorialswe have made (as of right now):

Advanced Compositing

Basic UV Mapping

Indirect Lighting

Animate Procedural Textures

Animate the Camera on a Curve

Boolean Modifier

Reducing Vertices

Normal Mapping

The Ultimate Tutorial for the Ultimate Beginner

Believe it or not, it’s actually quite hard to come up with an idea to make a tutorial, especially with there being three of us running the site, so if you would like us to make a tutorial on something, or you just have an idea, pop me an email at [email protected] - alternatively you can fill in the contact form at the bottom of the home page.

very cool keep goin mate:)

looks interesting

Great lads! Thanks!

a forum to announce mods is the worst way to do it.

such a website with straight tut listing would is much more usable.

when there is one thing people wish it would be the ability to quickly
find help (manual / tuts).

good luck with your project.

Good luck! You have excellent set of tutorials there. I’ll check your site every once in a while!

Nice :slight_smile:

very nice tuts here and some on utube and text based, which works a lot better for me with a slowish connection.

Many thanks for your efforts and good luck with your project! :wink:

Thanks for the support guys, like Greg said email some tuts you would like to see on BlenderNerd, or just post a few here :wink:

I was thinking on making a tutorial on how to model a car, what do you guys think ? :smiley:

I personally think there are already a lot of car modeling tutorials.
I’m more interested in furniture modeling, some cool design chairs like Hans Wegner stuff.
Or some architectural modeling tutorials, with a lot of detail modeling.

Anyways, great site, keep up the good work

Funiture modeling thats not a bad idea, i might just do that thanks :slight_smile: