Blender Nerd Using multiple materials on one object

Its a common question: How do you put more than one material on a single object?

Well it’s really easy and something that you pretty much have to know in order to produce anything *half-decent (usually)

Simply click the ‘+’ button on the right of the materials tab

Then click the ‘New’ button’s always a good idea to name your materials so that you don’t get confused in the future

Now you have a second material, you simply have to tell Blender which parts of the object you want to have the new material

So go into edit mode (press Tab) and then face select mode,

and select the faces which you want to have the new material. Then, with the correct material highlighted, click the ‘Assign’ button.

If your materials have different diffuse colours, you’ll notice that the faces are different colours in the viewport as well

If you’re still confused, let my try show you in a video:

Go to this Blender Tutorial!

Simple answer to a simple question. Thanks man.