Blender networking possible soon?

well, I saw goofster today, logging into irc with blender :stuck_out_tongue: all this does for me, is SPARK! that the networking, and talking to other Ip addresses may be all the more soon possible… we’re getting there…

maybe i misunderstood you, but did you say he logged in FROM WITHIN BLENDER!!!

Yeah! he used some python coding or whatever, and he was logging in :stuck_out_tongue: (and getting kicked out) but still!

he’s not the first to do so.

Don’t want to take away any credit from Goofster, but K-Rich also did something like that a year or so ago (maybe Goof is adding to the code K-Rich did, I don’t know).


oh cool :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully, soon they’ll be able to get in some kind of networking… or release the python code as an open source assignment to the public :stuck_out_tongue: just ideas, just ideas… but good to know some peoplez are working on this

logging in is very easy to do. if u would like i can send u a small blender irc client i made.

could you email that to me at [email protected]