Blender New User Questions and Discoveries

Incredible, Blender has Reaction-Diffusion built in!
I just switched from C4D and I had to use Ready prior to do Reaction-Diffusion. It makes gorgeous organic patterns such as brain coral, zebra stripes, giraffe patterns, fish patterns, and such.
After watching Blue Fox Creations tutorials on how to recreate MoGraph in Blender and now this finding, I am SO glad I switched.
Hopefully my learner questions will get answered in this message area.

This is the first I’ve heard of this technique: do you have any pointers, or URLs for tutes? (The googles were not so helpful.)

Is this literally built-in, or a download? IE, almost everything I’ve found is based on using the TISSUE plugin, which is fine, but good to know.

Thanks for bringing it up: intriguing.

see if this gets you twitching all over as it did for me and then I would be glad to send info on how to use it. Be sure you have the Add-on Tissue Mesh installed.

This is the guy who developed Tissue Mesh

And this:

Reaction Diffusion is so cool!
Tissue Reaction Diffusion 2.blend (3.1 MB)