Blender New Years Resolutions?

(acasto) #1

I’m still thinking, but anyone else have one yet?

Ok thought of it. Just basically to keep doing what I’ve been doing, bring the images in my head into the world using Blender as the tool. But with the goal of having a nice collection of works by this time next year that could be presented in portfolio format.

(cree) #2

Yes, I plan to keep working at it and hopefully get better.

(paradox) #3

My Blender new years resoultion is to do twice as many finished projects and twice as good as the ones I did this year. :slight_smile:

(Nayman) #4

I havent been posting too much recently, so i;m going to start again, i feel like i am letting you guys down…

Also, finish my damn movie, and learn how to model better charaters

(sten) #5

I think I agrees with Paradox :wink:


(Zsolt) #6

My resolution is to actually finish and not only start Blender projects, and somehow compile them (aka portfolio). And spend more time in the community (forums/chat/etc.)

Oh yeah, I first need to get through the gazillion exams we have this year :frowning:


(IMProvisar) #7

Hrm… well, I had two resolutions last year, first “No resolutions next year”, and “Actually fulfill a resolution”, so I won’t be making any resolutions (and then I’ll actually have 2 that I’ve kept!!!). I almost thought about doing that first resolution again, but then it would be making a resolution, and I’d be breaking both of them at once… so I can’t do it again till next year. hehe… Next time I do that one though, I’ll add in a clause “unless it’s a resolution about not making resolutions.” Then I could just do the same one each year. :wink:


(beatabix) #8

my new years resolution is going to be 720*576, because this year i plan on making atleast one more short film to enter into international festivals.
thanks to the new miniDV cam i just acquired, and the firewire card i’ll soon buy, that should actually be possible.

onward and upward dudes.


(IMProvisar) #9

Hrm… guess I actuall do have a new year’s resolution then… 1280x960, what I’m running at now, thanks to my brand new, beautiful monitor. :slight_smile: …ohhh so much destop space. :smiley: