Blender newbie cuestions

Hi everybody.

I want to learn to use Blender and a little bit of Python to create a video installation (mainly to keep me motivated, I’ve found that learning with a clear objective in mind is easier for me).

I no experience in Blender or Python, and the tutorials that I’ve found are too broad, long and detailed. And I don’t want to be an expert in modeling or animation or Python. So I would like someone to direct me to more specific tutorials, or similar projects to get me started.

My idea is using PureData (of which I have a little knowledge already) to capture and process ambient sound and send that to Blender (With OSC maybe?) to modify a couple of properties (size maybe) of a couple of simple geometric objects with simple lighting.

So my questions:

Game Engine creates an .exe that is executable computers without Blender and Python? I don’t completely understand what GameEngine is actually. It is used to render something in real time in full screen and receive information?

I could send information from PureData to GameEngine?

Is this to complicated and I should start with a simpler project?

Thanks in advance.

And sorry if my english is bad, it isn’t my first language.