Blender newbie need SOS

I have installed few versions of Blenders ( 2.25 to 2.41)but I could not set it up to work properly but only hanged up my pc every time.
I am hoping someone out here who experience this before can help me to fix the problems.

Error on DOS

‘ import site’ failed; use –v for trace back

        sys_init : warning –no sitedirs added from moduls     #####

Error on Blender ;

Error message appear when ever changing the mesh wire to solid color when key in
‘ Z ‘ .

Blender has caused an error in

      GLSIS 630.DLL  
       Blender will now close                 ####

I have copy & paste the pythonpath scrips posted by ENZOBLUE to the autoexec.bat file :


I have creatd c:\ python23/lib at Window explorer & extract the contents from to

the c :\python23 dir whereas dir \lib is currently empty.

Blender file at my window explorer location is

C:\Program Files
–Blender Fountation
– Blender
– .Blendr
– scrips
– locale

At Blender interface c:/python23/lib is also type at the python button

System hardware : Celeron 733mz . , Integrated graphic on mother boards.

O/ s : Window Me

There seems to be a problem with your Python, but that isn’t the cause for the crash. Guessing from the filename of that *.DLL i’d say there is a problem with your graphics card driver (rather common with onboard graphics in combination with blender)
I suggest you search the support/basics and interface forum for solutions to that.