blender newbie vs. fluids

hi all,

i’m looking to use blenders new fluid dynamics in my short film, i’ve managed to understand the basics and also managed to get the results into lightwave (my main ap) i have a couple of questions if i may…

1 - can anyone explain how the viscocity settings work? i may be being a fool but i can’t get my head around how the settings reflect in the final bake. i’m trying to do a splash of blood hitting a wall (think the “blade” movies) and the water preset is to thin whilst the oil is to thick.

2 - is there anyway to use the inflow setting and stop it “flowing” at a set point but still have the simulation work after the jet has stopped?

i’d appreciate any help you can be in the matter


  1. Not really, though you may get an understanding by experimenting with a simple setup (isosphere) and a low res domain (default 50). That’s what I did, as I wanted an ‘as near to solid’ fluid as possible. Sorry, but I can’t remember what my settings were. I remember changing to each of the advanced settings (honey, oil etc) and not seeing much of a understandable pattern in the viscosity settings.

  2. Not as yet, but I think that feature is coming.


doesnt lightwave have its own fluid simulater??


  1. viscosity values have a wide range, to really fine tune it you should switch to “manual” in the visocity pulldown, and start with value=1.0, neg-exp=6, thats the same as water. then you can increase the value by e.g. a factor of 10 each time until you’re in the right range, then fine tune it… unfortunately the resolution also has an influence, so it might be necessary to do that at full resolution.

  2. that’s definitely planned, but currently not possible - with the moving-objects-preview-version you could fake it, by moving the inflow out of the domain, or some obstacle in front of it… a bit ugly but it should work.