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Hey, I was looking for a some good 3D development software, and Blender seemed awesome (specially since it’s free instead of some ungodly amount of money ::coughs 3ds::). I was heartbroken to find NaN was down for the moment after hearing all the good things about it, but I managed to find v 2.23 of creator for download at I’m having a problem running it though. I run blender.exe, a command prompt window opens up, and then windows shuts it down saying it performed ye ol’ illegal operation. I’m trying to run it on XP Pro, could that be the problem? Anyone else run into this or have any suggestions?

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if it shuts off with only the console open you probably have to get newer/better opengl drivers for your graphics card.


(theeth) #3

correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you need to set it to “run as win98 apt” if you want to run Blender on XP.


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I think your wrong teeth, I got XP english pro and I didn’t have to do anything complicated… I had that problem with ME though…
What kindda grafix card you got kid (I got ATI rage 128)?

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well… there shouldn’t be a problem with the chip (got a rage182 on my ati all-in-wonder)…
do a search on the latest drivers… might solve your problem (keep my fingers crossed… heh)

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Blender works great on my XP Pro. :slight_smile:

The standard Windows drivers that XP installed were not optimized, so Blender worked rather sluggishly but it still ran.

When I installed ATI’s optimized graphics drivers (for my ATI Rage Mobility chipset), Blender rendering became optimized only in 16-bit color mode, and the icons (toolbars, and any GUI stuff) wouldn’t show up. In 24-bit mode, it would though…

Welcome to the wonderful world of Blender!! :slight_smile:

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Heeyy, i got it workin’! Just needed some new opengl drivers like ya said. I’m sure i’ll be back asking questions soon though ;o)