Blender Newbies DVD - RIPOFF !!

Like others, on May 18, 2010 I made a payment totalling $37.25 USD for the Blender Newbies Blender 2.5 Training DVD-ROM on a PRE-ORDER basis - when finished I would receive my training DVD on how to use Blender.


For awhile I received emails from Kernon Dillon on its progress, the last few received LAST YEAR all promosed it would be sent out to me by the END OF THE WEEK. No DVD has ever been received !

Now any emails to Kernon are NOT RETURNED…no word at all as to what is happening.

Still waiting to learn Blender, I sit here feeling like I have been RIPPED OFF !!

I no longer use PayPal (used for the pre-payment) so a refund is also very UNLIKELY to ever appear…

Let this be a WARNING to users/members of Blender,, its forums, etc. that all you see may NOT BE TRUE or of TRUSTWORTHY SUBSTANCE !!

Yeah… That’s sounds bad… That’s one of the main reasons I stopped ordering online. (Mostly because I’m poor also :wink: )

But you don’t have to order a dvd to learn blender. You could watch a bunch of tutorials and such.

And us. We’re here to help you. :slight_smile: We could help you with anything if you need it.

The thread linked to by DavideDozza is the one you should continue posting in. Closing this thread.