Blender News Fun Page in FaceBook

HI Everyone :slight_smile:
I create Fan Page in FaceBook for Blender Headline News
If you interesting Become a Fan and share Blender News with Your FB Friends Every day
Cheers :slight_smile:

up lol up :slight_smile:

Don’t bump your topic on the same day lol :slight_smile:

ok :slight_smile: lol

ok oogsnoepje thanks and welcome :wink:

Thanks for all guys join the page :slight_smile:

upupup :slight_smile:

Had to get there for testing Facebook for a client… After some disapointment, i found few interesting links (in spite of quite lots of rather uninteresting stuff!)… Now, with Blender, i will more likefully going to have a look there!

hop you get fun time there almux ! :slight_smile:

Now, that we’re all aware of this, I can lock this thread!