Blender News

(Timothy) #1

read about it here:

If I understood this correctly it means a more C-key type situation. Which I really like,… since it will most lilely mean large Publisher sales, and more development into the modeling / animation / rendering side of Blender.

Some of my favourite features to get Blender Publisher license for are:

  • NLA editor in Blender (non linear animation)
  • finish the physics system (cubes, cones, cylinders colliding)
  • physics to Ipos tool
  • Sound in sequence editor

(basicly all features I saw where pretty cool,… but these stood out for me).

Whee!!! I am all happy now

(@ce) #2

Too bad you have to pay…but it’s a small price to pay…to keep blender freeware…and be able to do magnificent stuff…
no way I’m buying Maya or LW for the full price…warez perhaps…

this is a good way for blender…or NaN to keep surviving…don’t ya think?