blender newsgroup


i found the newsgroup that corresponds to a blender maillist. I posted through my newsreader but my entry doesn’t appear.

Who knows where i can subscribe to the maillist, so that i can post there?
(Do i have to subscribe to post in it? That would mean, that i get alle the mail everytime :frowning:


You get an email the first time you post to a gmane-newsgroup, unless you have posted with an invalid email-address. Just respond to that email and your message will appear. You have to do this for every gmane-group you want to send messages to.


yes, i know this procedure. i did that, but my message didn’t appear! But… pling thanks for your tip, that was it. i send it from my working place with another version of my email-address. that’s it! thank!



Oh, there is one more thing: IngieBee (she is the moderator of that list) checks every post from a newcomer to prevent spam. And due to her kids, her husband, her life and all such things this might take a while :wink: