blender nif scripts 1.3-windozs


I’m real new to 3d and to Blender, I got the latest version down and this
blender_nif_scripts_1.3-window.exe file so I could maybe edit the mesh’s in my Morrowind game.

I got to where I made the changes I needed to and then set to export as nif file and Blender got about 10mm of the progress bar ( that yellow one top rightess) and dumped out all together.

I reloaded it and the nif… and made changes again, saved this time so I had a blend file,… then set to export again,… :frowning: two in a row I’m at the empty desktop,… sem somit want make this thing crash big time exporting nif’s

I’m on:

2.4gig AMD with 1gig ram and an Winfast a6600 duel head 256mg 8X AGP card using the latest Nvidia drivers and a 24bit SBLive sound card WinXP Pro with all patch’s etc.

shouldn’t make a difference I don’t think but I did uninstall the earlier version of blender and run regcleaner (rebooting) twice to clean out old tag’s etc


u can think my reply is silly but why dont you do format c: and use linux instead? sorry i cant answer your question but welcome aboard and i hope someone with a windows machine can answer this question for you.

I’ve just recently started modding Morrowind myself.

There is a new import/export script available from version 1.5

I’ve found that deformable meshes do not export correctly(even with the use of NifSkope as an intermediate step), but static meshes and hair(open helms) or heads(closed helms) do seem to work quite well.

Here’s a screeny of a custom race I made…only actual modelling is the horns(hair replacement). The armor and body are simply retextured.

Try downloading the newest script and see if that works any better for

P.S.- check out the Blender tutorial at the NIfTools link, if you haven’t already