Blender ninja to help bake and render VECTOR displacement maps

(Alexandre Lordelo) #1


Hey guys,

Looking for a blender ninja who can help me on a workflow with Vector Displacement Maps (bake from OBJ files and render in cycles.


Remote login on my MacBook and:

  • batch bake VDMs from hundreds of VDM
  • render in cycles and compare with original mesh to make sure it’s working properly.

After, the idea is to get into more advanced stuff like animating frames if VDM.

Paid by hour,

Please let me know if you are interested.


(maxsquadrito) #2


I’m interested in this project. If you’d like, please send a detail of functioning - or if you need me to figure out the best way, give me as much information as you can.

On PC - I can make a program for you to run, scripts or blender addons. I can probably arrange a MAC if necessary, but will have to learn some aspects (shouldn’t be too much of a problem).

What sort of hourly rate / budget are you pointed toward? I imagine there will be a learning curve for VDM’s since I haven’t used them yet, but I don’t foresee problems that can’t be overcome in some way. I can adjust my time if there is a learning curve involved - I’m fair and like to establish solid and fair working relationships that benefit every party.


If you’d like, please email at - [email protected]