Blender Nodes vs. Substance Designer: A Question of Capabilities

So I’m coming into a tiny bit of extra windfall here soon, and instead of doing something responsible with it, I’m thinking about blowing it on the Quixel Suite and Substance Designer.

Now the Quixel Suite is a must. It fits in comfortably with Photoshop, which I’ve already been using for years now, and all its neat features will assist me greatly with all my future texture whipping uppage needs. Substance Designer, on the other hand, is a bit of a wildcard. I’ve played with the demo, and loved it. It’s a great program. Made a nice little tile floor with it. But I’ve seen some of the awesome things people have been doing with Blender materials, and it makes me wonder if I should save the $150.

So my question is, is Designer any more capable in any ways compared to Blender’s node setup? Besides the fact that designer outputs in real time, while Blender’s node setup is mostly render based (though you can bake out the results), is there anything about one that makes it greatly preferable over the other?