Blender noob question

How do I make all of the meshes yellow and not red?

If they are red, then that mesh cannot be modified.

When I hold shift + left click to select multiple meshes, only the last mesh I selected turns yellow/modifiable.


All the objects you have selected can be modified — move, scale, rotate, etc., work in object mode — but only one object can be put into edit mode (the yellow one.)

You can join all your objects into a single object (Object -> Join or CTRL J) but I doubt that is what you want to do (and certainly not the camera and lights!)

SO, maybe it is better to find out what you are trying to accomplish before doing something radical like joining objects.

I want to join multiple meshes together so I can move all of them to a different position.

I think i might know why you’re having trouble. How are you moving your objects after selecting them? If you click and drag with the mouse, it will only move the one the mouse is over currently. If you press the “G” key (default move hotkey) after selecting multiple objects, they will all move together.