Blender Noob- running slowly

Hello there,

so I am new to Blender and I am trying to put together an animation.
I have multiple files and some are running just fine but some of them are extremely slow- to the point where i cant edit anything. (everything has slowed.)

I read some where that firefox can affect it so I closed the internet while using it but it did not make a difference.

it is a new laptop(macbook pro) literally a week old so I really hope that isnt the issue.

also as a brief description I made a character out of an extruded cube so it was nothing too crazy.

I know i have probable clicked on soething by accident perhaps that would slow it down, if any body would have any suggestions as to what this could be i would be extremely grateful- im in a bit of a pickle at the moment as I cannot continue with my animation :frowning:

M.stickmanwithhands.blend (658 KB)

okay thankyou, I uploaded the.blend file :slight_smile:

okay thankyou, I uploaded the.blend file :slight_smile:

thankyou I added the .blend file :slight_smile: