Blender Noob second render

This thread is to let you know that in the second render is up so you can tear it down with you thoughts on how it ended up looking.

Hope to hear from you,
Domingo Ortuzar

Please don’t start a new thread to advertise every new blog post…pretty please…

Unless you want to post it in the Finished Projects forum, which is where you should really be posting this stuff.

I dont think he’s “advertising” just showing his work. What does it matter if its on his blog or an image hosting site?

but its also not a good idea to create a new thread for a blog post which would would direct to blog.
@jdortuzar5 If your looking for some C&C posting your work (art itself) under ‘finished projects’ or ‘focussed critiques’ section might be a better idea.

Well i guess it does make it more difficult for us to view the work if we have to leave the forum.

Ok i promise to show my work without making people go to my blog and that I’ll post it under “finished work”.