Blender Noob to Pro Wiki?

has anyone done the whole noob to Pro wiki? from start to finish?

I did it, way back when. That was how I learned Blender. There were a lot of spots missing, and I don’t know how well it has been updated or filled in since then, but when I did it it was an excellent way to get started.

Well, i did it a while ago, (the modeling portion), the only other one that had anything worthwhile was the animation portion, which I still intend to do.

I actually don’t like it as much anymore though. I think their’s too many semi-finished tutorials, and I think many of them are misplaced. But it still does contain great knowledge, if you can pick it out.

i did some of the modeling portion never got close to finishing the whole thing. but without it i never could have gotten started

i never used it, but i wish i had!

I learned blender from there…
One thing for sure…it willhelp you build your basic

A great starting point, have got most of the way through it but have started trying other things. A good foot in the door for a noob (me)

I followed it up to the goblet model. I started on the jeep and got the wheel and seat done, but then I lost interest in it and started making something else. I’m still by far a noob, but I’ve got the basics down, now I just need to practice a whole hell of a lot.