Blender normals in 1 min

Understanding Blender normals in 1 minutes :

  • displaying normals
  • flip direction
  • recalculate

Initial comments:

  • No commentary saying or text displaying what you are doing or what a normal is and why they are important
  • No mention of vertex normals
  • No mention of what recalculate does or under what circumstances the recalculate normals option will fail and how to overcome the failure. (duplicate normals or non manifold faces)

Maybe it should be more than 1 minute to make a more informative video. Read the sticky at the top of this forum.

You’re right. Actually I had some problems with particules emission and I found it was due to the normals.
I googled and found no videos on how to display the normals, so I decided to do a very quick video which is more a demo than a tutorial.

Even if the title is misunderstanding, it is just a 1 minutes to show how to display, flip and recalculate normals.
I often find short tutorials (less than 5 min) very usefull when you have a lack of time.

Thanks for publishing this video and hope it will help someone anyway.