blender not baking ambient occlusion correctly

so, i have this problem, i was modeling this aircraft, when i finish it i went to bake it, but the ambient occlusion goes weird, and just projects grey everytime i try to bake it
also, the the console said something, heres te screenshot of the wrong baking and the console error
is there a way to fix this?

in the screenshot you can notice that the minigun in the front(that was previously baked) is rightly baked
i solved this, the “selected to active” option was activated, and i didnt noticed it, sorry for the post, moderators should remove this post now…


Have you UV-unwrapped it? Looks like a problem with the UV-smart unwrap script.

nope, i already solved it, i accidentaly pressed a button in the options menu, but i fixed it now, i can post a screen tomorrow if you want, check edit 2 in first post for more information