Blender not exporting alembic normals correctly

I’ve noticed since I made the switch to Blender (starting with 2.80 through 2.82) that Blender seems to have problems exporting alembics correctly.

It seems to happen most frequently with geometry that has been duplicated (like the legs of a table or character limbs that have been mirrored).

When the alembic gets brought into another program (I notice it mostly in Houdini and Substance Painter), parts of the model show up reversed (with their backfaces showing). It’s not that way in the original model and it’s not that way if I bring the alembic back into blender, but it is in any other program I’ve tried. See below for screenshots of an original mesh in Blender and the alembic brought into Houdini.

I know this is a known issue that someone is working on, but does anyone know why it is happening and if there is a way around it?