Blender Not Opening Project

I was working on a project and when it crashed, I was unable to open it again. I tried re-installing Blender and appending individual objects from the scene, but it still wouldn’t open. I also tried opening the auto save file but I got the same result. I am using a 2020 iMac as well. Is there a possible fix for this or is my project lost?


Which Autosave file did you try? The one you can load from
file → recover → autosave

or the .blend1 file which you have to rename to .blend?

You can actually open the .blend1 just fine without renaming it. You just need to click the filter icon in the file manager, and select backup file. (I think that’s how it’s labelled)

Nearly always works as backup, assuming you’ve saved at-least once (which sounds like you have)


I tried out that method and it worked! Thank you so much, I now owe you my life!

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