Blender not registering my SHIFT key

I remapped my keyboard (using KeyTweak) and now my “Caps Lock” acts as “Left Shift”, “Left Shift” acts as “Left Ctrl” and “Left Ctrl” acts as “Caps Lock”. It works on every other program that I tested. In Blender the “Caps Lock” (which acts as “Left Shift”) does not work for any shortcut (the hotkey window just ignores my “Caps Lock” key presses), but works for typing text. On the other hand the “Left Shift” (which acts as “Left Ctrl”) works.

Is there a way to solve this? I never created a script for blender and I don’t know the API, but maybe I can emulate shift key presses via script or something like that?!

P.S I remapped the keys to reduce the wrist strain while programming, playing and modeling.

I found a software called AutoHotkey which send keystrokes to other programs and WORKS WITH BLENDER. Just restored my KeyTweak changes to default and restarted the PC, then I installed AutoHotkey and created the following script:

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

Saved and ran the script as administrator. Works perfectly.