Blender Not Rendering Anything

I am having trouble rendering this scene. Whenever I try to click the render button, it load up everything but it never gets past that part. It’s isn’t super complicated, but I have had this problem before with scene with lots of verts. The roof has quite a few verts, but I think I’ve used a lot more than that at one time and never had any problems.

Here is the link: Here

If anyone finds the problem, fixing it for me would save time :smiley:

Renders here. Are you using gpu rendering ? If yes try the cpu.

Pink colour due to you not including textures and only 10 samples

Start by simplifying your scene, render, then add things back to find when you hit your problem
If you use gpu what are you using

I am using a EVGA Geforce 760. And, yes, Im using GPU

ok, the problem starts when add the railings.

Then simplify your scene so if you want to use gpu rendering it all fits in the graphics card memory or use cpu rendering. This will need even more graphics memory the more objects you add and any textures you later want to add

Why have a solidify modifier creating geometry the viewer is not going to see ?
Remove the many double vertices and make the meshes simpler

Use linked duplicates (Alt+D) of duplicate objects
Use an array modifier to create repeating objects

Ok, thank you for the help.