Blender not rendering the camera's view

for some reason, blender won’t render what the camera is seeing…
I move the camera to a different position but every time I hit F12, it renders the same position…

here I moved the camera

and here’s what renders

I’m betting this is a simple fix (like my last post) but I’m completely lost. I tried google but couldn’t find what I needed.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you have more than one camera in the view. Look in Scene settings to see which is the active camera.
Does you camera or model have any animation keyframes that change its location.
Do you have anything loaded in the video editor or compositor window by mistake and still have the ‘Sequence’ and ‘Composite’ options ticked in the Render / Post Processing panel. You would be rendering this, not the view in the 3d view.

If none of these are the cause attach or post a link to your blend file so other users can investigate further.


I only have one camera, I also didn’t animate this but I checked the dope sheet and apparently I had keyframes on frame 0. I deleted them and I was able to render the camera’s view again. I guess I forgot about the shape key animation. I checked everything you said just to be sure, now everything’s working fine again. Thank you.

Thank you!! Took me ages to find the right solution I love you!!! The problem was having a clip in the sequence of the video editor so I just deleted it off of my tool bar and everything rendered properly.

Thank you so much! I finally found the answer of why my render was not showing what I saw in camera :blush: