Blender not running properly

Hello. I just installed Blender, and when I start it up, none of my menus work. When I click on one, the drop-down is a solid black, sometimes with some weird grey noise at the bottom. I’m trying to run it while I have Zbrush 3.1 open, but that shouldn’t really matter, should it?
Windows Vista 32x
HP Media Center PC
3.3 gigs ram
Intel Core2 6400 @ 2.13 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT

Figured out that when run on my left (main) monitor, Blender works fine. For some reason, when I have it in my right (secondary) monitor, nothing works right. Weird…

might have something to do with hardware acceleration.

display->properties in the control panel and try lowering or turning of hardware acceleration if you have it one.
also, if you don’t have the latest drivers you might want to try downloading the newest ones. and search your card model.