Blender not saving anim frames to file. [Solved, I'm dumb]

Hey all, I’m having some serious troubles trying to render an animation. I have it set to render the animation as sequential raw targa files. The only problem is that it’s not actually saving them.

It’s a project I made at work on a WinTel box, which had no problems. Now I’m at home on my Debian box and no saved targa files!

Anyone have any clue as to why this would happen?


Did you change the render folder from a windows-style C:… path to a unix-style /home/… one?

As for the percentage lines, if they’re what I think they are (“Render ##%”) you usually don’t see that when you’re running blender normally. They come when you’re doing background rendering with -b, so you can see the progress. They usually stop around 98% or 99% for reasons too technical and irrelevant to go into - just take it as read that if it gets there it finished.
It usually has the saved-to-file lines in background mode too though…

Wow…I get the official moron of the week award. I finally discovered that the stinkin motion blur button was selected…so it was rendering samples when I thought it was rendering frames.

What’s even sadder is I’ve spent the last hour going over all the options trying to find out what I had setup wrong.

Please excuse my ignorance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply phlip. At first that’s what I thought I had wrong as well. Spaces in the directory names etc. But alas, motion blur.

And yes, it was a background render…just never let it run long enough to render all the samples it turns out. Heh.