Blender not showing blender-created 3D objects in video

Hi Everyone,

For my animation/ compositing project, I planned to animate a person painting a picture on a 3D canvas (created by blender). The way I did this was motion track and composite the canvas onto the video without the person. Then I exported it and overlay the painting animation (created in Adobe Flash) using adobe premiere and exported it so I get a video that have a 3D canvas with paintings on it. But when I used that video and import it into blender, it seems that blender is ‘hiding’ the previously created canvas and flash animation. Does anyone know why this is happening? Or maybe is it because blender isn’t compatible with flash animation?

Here’s a screenshot of my problem:

On the right is the view from my camera where it shows my person with the canvas and part of the painting created from flash animation. But on the left in the rendered result, it doesn’t actually show the canvas and the painting. Any suggestions on what I did wrong and how to fix it or advice on whether there’s a better method to achieve the same result?

Could be several things:

  • RenderLayers: your canvas is on another Layer than the Scene Layer
  • Outliner: You have toggled off the camera icon (hence no rendering of the object)
  • You have a warning message in the info header. Some addon might be disabled? Don’t know… maybe nothing to do with this issue.
  • Material editor: Your material has 0 alpha

Thank you for replying, but I realized that it’s the video itself that’s causing the problems.
The rendered video is using my old video (the one without the canvas) as the template instead of updating and using the old one.
Thank you anyway for your time and advice :slight_smile: