blender now running slowly, help!

I have recently re-installed windows 7 and now blender is running very slowly, for example the image that pops up when you open blender scrolls up the screen until it is a whole image and this also happens with all the menu’s (like the ones you get up with the spacebar). Now before i re-installed windows 7 blender ran fine, i had no issues with it but for some reason now it just slow. (it has also affected some of my games aswell) can anyone help?:frowning:

Video card drivers. Check for latest releases from your manufacturer, reinstalling windows would not use the latest version.

Did you install drivers for graphics card?

hmmm that might work, but before the re-install i think i was using the default drivers, but i’ll give it a go

wooo thanks guys, its working fine now XD

lol… i had the same problem… so i googled it, and this is how i discovered and joined this forum :smiley: