Blender Number Pad Views Are Upside Down

Hi All,

This is my first post and I am feeling just like noob. After a long absence I picked up blender again to try my hand at camera mapping. I found the Blender Camera Calibration Toolkit (BLAM) and gave it a try. It worked well for me but left me with a scene that has the Z axis’ of all the objects point down rather than up. So the number pad views (1, 3, 7) are upside down.

A google search shows that others have had this problem, but I haven’t found a solution. Is there any way to get the Z axis point up again for the entire scene?

Thanks for the help!

Can’t you just rotate the whole scene to point up again? If you rotate all your objects including the camera you wont loose the calibration.

Thanks for trying to help maraCZ. I can manually rotate the whole scene and use it that way, but every thing is really still upside down.
I don’t understand how to reset the Z axis to point up for each object or for the scene as a whole.

Selecting all the objects and the camera then using something like Scale (Key S), Z-Axis (Key Z), (-1), orients the objects correctly but losses the camera calibration set by BLAM. It also leaves the objects with a -1 Z-Axis so they are really still upside down.

Looks like I am on my own on this one. Here is a link to a test render of my output so far. Not too bad for the fourth render of my first try at camera mapping.