Blender NURBS Development

I know this is not a flame invite, but I just posted something similar on the main Blender forums:

Last post was dated 2003! I’ve noticed that even in this forum, the post dates are 2008.

Is it just me, or do we need to start advocating for NURBS improvements as a GSoC project?

(Note: Rather than resurrect a dead thread, I’ve split your post to create a new one.)

To answer your question more directly, if you start now, you might have enough momentum for the 2012 GSOC. As far as I know, this year’s GSOC application deadline has come and passed.

I think he means 2011. :wink:

as far as i know there is something in line to be added after 2.57
but we have not heard from dev’s for a long time!

the last we heard was last summer and dev s were working on the loft tools for nurbs!

so hope to see it added in SVN as soon as possible!

and last fall there was a meeting note saying that 2.5 was frozen and new Nurbs tools would not be added before 2.57!

Eman did a GSOC project a couple of years ago related to NURBS. Last year he did some efforts to finish it and port his branch to 2.5. His latest commit was 8 months ago, so at the moment his branch is quite dead…
In general I think that the trunk feature freeze is kind of a motivational killer for many branch owners. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more activity in the branches when 2.8 is released… But one should also note that there are several branches that have higher priority than the NURBS branch at the moment (bmesh for example). So unless eman comes back and make big efforts to make his branch ready for merge I doubt that there will be any NURBS important this year…

i tough Eman had something ready last fall but because of the freeze on 2.5 her was refused to merge in with officiel version!

did anybody heard anything from Eman lately cause he knows where it is right now and would be able to give us an update on New nurbs tools!

hope he sees this thread and give use some news!

The NURBS reworking was put on hold until 2.5 was stabilized. Supposedly NURMS (as well as BMESH) is to be merged in the not too distant future, that is if Eman has the time available to do it.

On the upside, I don’t think the existing NURBS code had any significant changes made to it during the 2.5 development aside from the RNA related stuff. So hopefully it will be rather trivial to bring the branch up to date.