Blender Object Model Reference

I am a python programmer who has just started scripting for Blender. I am looking for a good description of the Blender Object Model.

ie. What are the various objects… What do the methods do… etc.

I guess I’m looking for a good Object Model Reference. Are the any out there?

there’s docstrings, and the documentation is out there

I have stuff from 2.23 (I think) at
(rather large though)

though there are a number of things that are undocumented, and don’t show up in dir(object)
one example I have run into was NMFace.transp (or transparency, I forget, it is the transparencly flag on a face, alpha, opaque or add [subtract is unused])
annoying that I had to look in the source for that (though there are probably scripts that have used it, that I haven’t been able to look at.

oh, note that some things are only avaliable when the game engine is running, and also some things are unavaliable when it is. (notably the blender module when running in a plugin or the palyer (non-dynamic only?))