Blender Objects

I was wondering if there is a way in blender to have two objects joined together in a way so that they are one but when you need to – you can separate the two for either animation or modeling. An example of this is the mouth. I’d like the jaw and teeth to be their own object but still want a skin flap connects the characters skin to the base of the jaw. This would be helpful for touchup work later in the project.

Also handy or changing items on a single character
like hair or perhaps clothing. Clothing would be much harder though

You can do that in various ways in Blender .

Firstly if the meshes are discreet, i.e. they do not share an edge or vertices then you can easily select the part you want by hitting L (select linked) then either hide them with H or separate them with P and then rejoin with Ctrl-J even if they are one object .

Secondly you can organize the mesh into vertex groups and hide/separate/join as well though the separate/join will require additional work to rejoin the mesh as well once they are one object again .

So in your example if the teeth are a discreet mesh then you can easily select them and hide/separate/join them with L . And the jaw part confuses me the way you describe it but I guess you could select the verts that make up the jaw and make them into a vertex group and hide etc …

And actually clothing would not be hard at all if they are discreet meshes … and you could have at least 20 outfits possible using layers … :eyebrowlift2::eyebrowlift2::eyebrowlift2:

Cool, well I figured there was a way to do it - I just didn’t know how