Blender Occurence

this is from the major german weekly quality newspaper:
ZEIT on future aircraft.

I am not that big in other 3D software, but this reminded me at the spot on Blender. May I be right?

no, nearly every common 3d-application can have a grey background and coloured axes and gouraud-shading. i think it’s cinema 4d.

nice to meet peolple from my home-country here, btw.

I have to agree - if you look at Blender’s 3D view, you’ll notice that the axes do not stop at their crossing point but instead go on to form a + (unlike the picture where they form an L ). Hope you get the point though ^^;

And yeah, I’m a neighbour, too…

Yup, that ain’t Blender.
Would’ve been nice, though.
Oh, I’m a neighbor as well :smiley:

Right, that should have got me…

Greetings to all neighbours (my running path, sparesely used though, touches Denmark :-)) and everyone else.